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  • Failed backorder:该预订域名不是等待删除状态,或已经过了可预订抢注时间.
No backorder record was found
  • Tips
1. Domain names that will be deleted within the next 3 dyas are avaialble to backorder before midnight;
2. The deadline to backorder CN series domain names is set at 04:00:00, all other domains at 00:00:00, the deleting day.
3. Buyers pay for backorder. 50 CNY, .com/.net 70 CNY, others 200 CNY;
4. Backordered domains enter into Backorder period.
5. If backorder succeeded, the domain will be set to 'Successful backorder' automatically at 9:00-10:00 the next morning, and moved to 3-day Bidding period which would end at 10:00 PM the third night. Buyers who did not backorder the domain name in advance can be qualified to bid by paying 50 CNY as the Break-in fee which will not be refunded whatever Break-in succeeded or failed.
6. If backorder failed, backorder fee will be refunded to your user account at 9:00-10:00 the next morning. Please contact us should you need backorder fee to be refunded to your bank account.>> More details